Fact Sheet

Why should you vote YES on Question 1 on November 7?


Kansas City is a 21st century, world-class city. Everywhere you look you can see the evidence: cranes in the sky, people on our streets, businesses growing and thriving. But our airport is stuck in the 1970s. We need our airport to catch up if we want to keep up.


If we want to continue to build on the momentum that we’ve enjoyed these past few years, it’s time to upgrade our airport.


The good news is, the airport construction is paid for by revenue generated at the airport by people who use it, including out of town travelers. That means people who don’t even live here are going to help us pay for a new airport. The even better news is that that means there’s no financial burden on the city and no tax dollars will be used to pay for it.


KCI needs $500 million in repairs just to keep operating with no improvements and will continue to require maintenance for decades to come. Spending half a billion dollars on Band-Aid fix isn’t good policy. A new, better KCI is a better investment.


Building this airport will create thousands of new jobs in the area and produce more than $1 billion in economic impact. What’s more, the developers have a proven track record of meeting or exceeding women- and minority-owned business hiring goals as well as local workforce hiring goals. Whatever else you might think about the airport we can all agree that kind of positive economic impact is beneficial to the city.


None of this means that we have to give up the convenience we’ve come to love at KCI. Convenient parking, proximity to the gates, and easy pick up and drop off. Those are all features we will keep in a new single terminal design. A better KCI will also give airlines the ability to add more direct flights and increase flight options for Kansas City travelers.